designing creative and effective technology

in insinno spain we create web and app solutions

we are a small studio that designs and develops web and mobile solutions. We work for small, medium and big companies, just like yours.

what we do

We design technology and we build technology. Whether it is for your tablet or for the web, we create solid rock applications with cutting edge design concepts. Private development for your company, public website, tailor made solutions... you will find a reliable partner in Insinno Spain.


some of our most relevant work


Insinno GmbH has been providing IT solutions to the insurance and the machinery sector since 2010. Insinno GmbH provides project management and marketing services and also develop innovative solutions for the german and european market.

Algenio is an online marketing agency specialized in thinking, developing and measuring winning strategies with Google Adwords.


our app and plugin lab



  • Jose Maria Gonzalez

    Founder & CEO, Web Developer

  • Juan Maria Tristancho

    CTO and Web Developer

  • Andrés Torrejón

    UI Designer &
    Front-end Developer

  • ...and you

    we are always interested in hiring talent. Freelances, Web, Mobile and Front-end developers are welcome.
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Cartuja Center
Procuradora Ascensión García Ortíz S/N,
41940 Tomares, Spain.

+34 954 910 104